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Snow Mushroom Moisturizing Eye Cream

Snow Mushroom Moisturizing Eye Cream

Revitalize the eye area with a luxuriously soft eye cream. Super hydrating snow mushroom provides intense hydration while powerful botanical peptides soften roughness, decrease swelling  and decrease the appearance of bags under the eyes to reveal a refreshed appearance.

  • Application tips

    Apply  over the entire eye area, twice a day, tapping gently with fingertips until completely absorbed. Do not rinse.

  • Main Ingredients

    Snow fungus : super-humectant, ultra-hydrating, which sucks moisture into the skin; improves elasticity and improves skin barrier function; helps skin appear supple and plumped.

    Birch water : rich in nutrients; purifies and hydrates the skin, leaving it toned and firmed; helps minimize the visible effects of pollution.

    Reishi mushroom : contains a high concentration of polysaccharides which improve hydration; powerful source of antioxidants that help reduce puffiness.

    Botanical peptides (from quinoa seed): natural dual-action peptides; help smooth roughness; reduce the appearance of swelling  under the eyes and bags for well-rested eyes.

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